Search Engine Optimisation
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Top Ranking, Top Results

With an Business First Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign we ensure your website appears when customers are looking for your business.

Search engines are used to find just about anything, from information to products and services. So it make sense to focus your attention getting your business good ranking within search engine results (SERPS).

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The Business First Difference

SEO Consultants – Search Engine Optimisation

Business First SEO services do the analysis, to provide ideas and recommendations to get you better online visibility.

SEO Audits – Search Engine Optimisation

Our Search Engine Optimization website audits identify both opportunities and issues. Making planning for and achieving better results possible.

SEO Services – SEO Packages Offer Great Value

The plan we create is built for your business and your requirements to help your business. Only the tasks your website needs are done.

Web Copywriting – SEO Copywriting Services

Getting the right wording is one of the most important tasks to boost your website. If you don’t have the time to write your own articles and web pages, we can do this with professional web copywriters.

Keyword Research Analysis – Choosing The Best

Our analysis and research is aimed to get the keywords for the “right” users. For ecommerce and business websites this mean “buyers” rather than the “browsers”.

SEO Strategy – Search Engine Optimisation

Developing a Strategy for Search Engine Optimization. Putting the tactics into an executable plan to take on the competition and win.

Click throughs (by SERPs)

Percentage of all click-through traffic versus search engine results position

  1. The first position 18.2%.
  2. The second position 10.1%,
  3. The third position 7.2%,
  4. The fourth position 4.8%,
  5. and all others under 2%.

Any websites appearing on page 2 or 3 of the search results receive very few click through’s if any.

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