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Is the time right for building a business website with WIX?

Wix has made some massive changes recently, but is it a decent CMS for small owner-operator businesses? The following features make it an easy, if not obvious, choice for people either starting out or interested in keeping their business small.

It’s easy to use

Wix might not have all the bells and whistles that its competitors do, but it does have an Artificial Design Intelligence tool. The ADI takes your name, your business type, and builds an entire site based on those things automatically. You can choose different themes, but the layout, text, images, and video are all taken care of for you, so it’s great for those who are put off by drag-and-drop builders.

It’s got over 500 themes to choose from

And they don’t all rely on hero images, either. Unlike some of the other CMSes, Wix’s themes allow you to have content “above the fold” so visitors don’t have to scroll past a giant picture to see what they came to the website for. The selection is pretty solid, and the themes have been updated to modern styles. All themes are built with accessibility in mind too.

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It’s real-world fast and easily backed up

Wix websites are hosted on Wix’s servers, so the servers are optimised for them. Despite running off a lot of Javascript, the sites appear fast to the user, which is perhaps more important than how well they test. Wix also creates backup points of the websites that can be restored at any time, so no data is lost.

Business customisation

Wix has done a lot of research into their user base and have built specific templates for their customers based on what their business is, building custom features for each market into their templates.

Building a business website with WIX
It has a huge range of apps and widgets to expand site function

If your business needs a newsletter, a shopping cart, live chat software, online bookings, or anything else, you can easily integrate them into your Wix site. Wix also allows external app use, and they have a list of third-party apps that will work well with their platform.


In the past Wix wasn’t so great at search engine optimisation and a lot of businesses were suffering because of it, but now Wix has put a lot of work into this area. Now you can add 301 directs, edit page titles, and add meta descriptions and alt tags individually.


Wix has its own online store and eCommerce package for retailers, which allows sale of physical and digital goods or services and has an automatic stocktake function so you can keep track of your products. You can create discount and promotional codes, control your shipping options, and you can also manage your store on your phone via the mobile app.


It is unlikely that a business will outgrow its Wix site unless it becomes a globally-known household name. Wix has an excellent app market and it is always releasing new add-ons to enhance its sites or upgrade existing functions, so your site can grow and meet the needs of your business as it develops.

Customer support

Wix has a thorough FAQ, and if something goes wrong you can either ring or email them to talk to someone. Because Wix is a proprietary platform, the helpdesk will actually be able to solve the problem, rather than having to track down who is at fault.

In short, Wix is a CMS that is simple, easy to use, and works. It’s perfect for a DIY home-business that doesn’t want to sink a lot of money into building a massive fancy site, but still wants to be able to offer visitors a site that hasn’t skimped on functions.